Welcome to my blog! As a newbie to the gluten free world I wanted to find a way to connect with those who are also gluten free while sharing what I have learned since becoming guten free 6 months ago.

Why did I go gluten free? To stop the migraines and the “GI symptoms”. To stop losing days of my life to laying on the couch debilitated by another headache. To stop carrying various pills with me just incase another migraine snuck up on me while I was out. To stop being afraid of going out to a new place where I wasn’t familiar with the location of the bathroom. To stop buying flowy shirts because my stomach looked like I was pregnant after every meal. To stop dealing with all of the embarrassment and difficulty of how I was.

So how are things now? Embarrassing and difficult. But WAY better. No more headaches. No more pills. No more flowy shirts.

I still have added anxiety about going to new places. Now though, I’m anxious that they won’t be able to accommodate me, or that I’m being overly difficult by asking for my turkey burger without a bun, and a side salad without croutons, made in a clean bowl, instead of fries.

I’m getting there though. I’m learning what is safe, and I’ve added quite the list of places where I know they are more than happy to accommodate me.

Most importantly though, I feel like a new person.

I plan on sharing what I learn as I learn it. Restaurants that are safe, and ones that are not safe. Gluten free foods that taste like real food, and those that don’t. Wish me luck, and check back soon for more updates!


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