Work dinner

Working at a hospital provides unique challenges when it comes to eating. Night shift means eat before 8pm or you’re stuck with food from the coffee shop. For those of us who can’t eat 99% of what’s at the coffee shop, it means bringing dinner, breakfast, and any snacks that might be needed to keep you awake (3am looks about as rough as it sounds!)

Here is where all my shopping at lululemon comes in handy! With my fabulous lulu ‘lunchbag’ I am able to pack some serious food!

Last night I went the usual salad route. I made a salad with spinach, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, cheese, quinoa, and almonds. It’s probably a really weird combo, but it was quite tasty!

Ingredients meet here!


On a good night I try to eat “dinner” around 10pm, and “breakfast” around 2 am. If its a busy night I might not eat at all until 2 or 3 am.

My fully assembled lunchbag looks something like this:

All set!

I have my salad and nut thins for dinner, yogurt and cereal for breakfast, and then a banana for snack. Peanut butter is stocked at the hospital so I don’t have to truck it around like I do the salad dressing (which disappears frequently!).

Depending on my level of time and creativity I usually end up with this dinner or some time of gf pasta with vegetables. My new goal? FIND NEW DINNER IDEAS! I’m getting ready to eat my shoe I’m so bored! Learning how to cook, here I come!

So on that note, I’m going to go hunt down some ideas before I go to the dentist. Then I’m back home to sleep and then head into work for another night shift. Have a great day everyone!


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