Failed Run

Things have been exceptionally crazy A La Casa Sans Pasta lately. I needed a few moments to myself, and a little time to clear my head. I threw on my running shoes, turned up my ipod, and headed out the door in my super stylish lulu outfit (LOVE lulu!). About 1.5 miles into my run I knew it was a totally failed attempt. Notice that I didn’t include my hydration belt, or my water bottle in that little list? And it was HOT out! Second minor problem, the ENTIRE city seems to have shut off the bubblers!

The route that I usually run sends me by about 6 bubblers (water fountains for you non-Boston folk) so I typically can stay quite hydrated on a 5 mile run without having to carry anything extra. I made it to the 1.5 mile mark and had to stop. Then, I had to walk. As soon as I had to walk I turned around and headed home. There was no point in going any further if I was only going to get more tired and dehydrated.

As I was reaching the 3/4 mile mark from home, a ray from heaven shone down on the one and only bubbler I hadn’t tried on my way out. Low and behold, it worked! I gulped down the water like a crazy woman and then I was off and running again. Literally!

It kind of stunk that I had anticipated a nice 5 mile run to clear my head, and ended up with a 2.25 mile run that had me totally stressed that I was going to pass out due to dehydration. Lesson learned though, end of August = all of the Boston bubblers turn off.

I’m trying a new chicken recipe tonight that I think the New Yorker will love. I’ll let you know how it goes!


2.25 mile run

3 rounds of:
10 modified pushups
20 sit ups
20 Russian Twists (10 each side)

Total steps for the day (as of 5:45 pm): 10497


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