Delicious Chicken Dinner

I might as well say it now, any recipe or link to one that you find here will be gluten free.

Which is good for those of you who need gluten free recipes, and maybe an eyeopening experience for those of you who don’t.

Lucky for me I have a great fiance who tolerates (and usually enjoys) most of the gf foods I try. Tonight’s dinner was another one of those trials.

I decided to make Salsa Chicken from Recipe for A Gluten Free Life By Mrs. G. F. It looked easy enough and I had all of the ingredients already in the house.

Cheese and Salsa, perfect combo!

First I used Bob’s Redmill All purpose Gluten Free flour to coat the chicken:

Floured Chicken

Then I put them in a pan with butter and cooked them until they were golden brown.

Golden Brown!

Then I put salsa and cheese on the chicken, and in the broiler it went.

Salsa and cheese!

All cooked!

I added a few veggies, and some leftover quinoa for me, and voila! Dinner!

Ready to eat!

I definitely gave this one 4 stars. It was super easy, and tasted amazing. The New Yorker gave it 3.5 stars, but that was his own fault. He said that the chicken was too thick. Since he was in charge of making sure the chicken was thin enough, I blame him.

I’m really excited about this one. I’m planning on adding it to the standard rotation.

Does anyone have any other easy dinner ideas that they use on a weekly basis?





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