Tonight’s Dinner, and a lot of food TV

The New Yorker and I LOVE food. We love to eat it, we love to look at it, we love to watch TV shows about it.

Tonight we watched a new show called Chopped (new for us, I’m not really sure how old this show is). We find ourselves more and more watching TV shows about food. We watch Hell’s Kitchen like it’s our job. We also watch Master Chef when it’s on as well as anything else that has to do with food. Oddly enough, we usually watch it while eating. Yup. Its true! We eat in front of the TV, every night. I’m pretty sure its supposed to be bad for your relationship to eat in front of the TV, but it seems to work really well for us.

Speaking of dinner, when I got home tonight The New Yorker already had dinner sizzling! Since I’m gf and don’t really like red meat, I’m kind of super annoying to cook for. We eat a LOT of chicken. Tonight he did a curry chicken with rice and green beans. It was delicious!


Chicken dinner!

On another note, I’ve been finding myself having a lot of difficulty getting enough water during the day. I always have a water bottle with me. The New Yorker is the same. Water in the fridge, water next to the bed at night, water at work, you name it, we have water there!

Since we have that crazy hurricane coming, we’ve filled up all our water receptacles!


Water Pitcher

The New Yorker also went out and bought new (matching!) water bottles, since mine has adopted a really nasty soap taste that I can’t seem to get rid of no matter how hard I try!


They are pretty snazzy and now they are also filled and ready for the storm! The problem though is back to getting enough water during the day. First I tried adding flavored powders to it, but finding ones that weren’t crazy expensive, and also happened to be gf. Then I tried natural flavors to it, like lime or lemon wedges. Finally I just tried to gulp it down and not think about it. I’m really trying, but you’d barely know it!

Does anyone have any suggestions for ways to get more water in during the day??


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