Power Outage


Apparently I have super-sonic ears. Not only can i hear what people are saying 3 floors below me, but I also wake up in the middle of the night when noises I’m expecting go away. Let me elaborate.

This morning at approximately 1:30 our power went out. How do I know this? I woke up because our air conditioner shut off. This happened once before, except the power hadn’t gone out, the a/c had just gone into power saver mode. After waking The New Yorker up in a panic only to find out that everything was fine, I got a bit of a lecture. I learned my lesson and this time waited until I was positive the power was out to wake him up.

Normally power outages are a pain, but not a huge problem. We live with my elderly grandmother who sometimes gets up in the middle of the night to “hit the ladies room”. She relies on a nightlight to guide her through the hall, and then another small light in the bathroom so she can see. I was pretty nervous that she was going to get up and fall, so I put in a call to NSTAR on the spot.

That in and of itself was an adventure. We had determined at this point that some of our outlets worked (read: our fridges, coffee pot, and computers worked, thank god!) but that none of the lights turned on. I called and got this crazy automated answering service that couldn’t understand me. You know the kind –

Machine: “please state your problem”

Groggy me: “Power outage”

Machine: “please state your problem”

Grumpy me: “POWER OUTAGE”

Machine: “please state your problem”

Totally pissed off me: “YOU!”

Machine: “Ok! I can help you with that….”

The New Yorker finally ripped the phone out of my hand and pressed 0. Low and behold I got in touch with a person. He felt the need to ask me if we really were having a power outage. I almost lost it at that point. Who calls at 1:45 in the morning to report a fake power outage?!

After going through some basic trouble shooting it was determined that were were experiencing a “Partial Power Outage” and that someone needed to come check things out. Genius. The New Yorker and I were both laying awake in bed, and finally around 3:30 our doorbell rang. The New Yorker ran downstairs to let them in and took them down to see the circuit breaker. Then they went to check out the manhole outside the house. Guess what! There was a car parked on it. (Not shocking in the city) so they had to wait for a truck to come move the car.

They seriously moved it about 2 feet backwards

Once it was moved the climbed down only to find out that the problem was in the uncovered manhole on the corner. Typical.

By this time The New Yorker had to get to work (he’s on a day trip to upstate NY) and I had to decide if I was calling out of work. With the NSTAR guys needing to get into the house, and grandma by herself in the dark (not to mention she couldn’t hear the doorbell to save her soul) I called work and told them I’d be in when the power was restored. Then, naturally, I called my mom.

Yesterday in a nearby town there was a jewelry heist that ended with 3 suspects fleeing the scene after shooting a police officer. While the officer is (thankfully!) expected to fully recover, the rest of the force has yet to locate the 3 armed and dangerous suspects.

So what happens when I call my mom? “Are your doors locked? They’re looking for the 3 suspects in your neighborhood!” Stellar. Now I have crazy armed lunatics running around my neighborhood, no power, and strange men needing to get into my house. Did I mention that my coffee pot was one of the only things in the house working? It was a total godsend!

After my amazing Dunkin Donuts coffee from my Keurig coffee machine (favorite gift to myself EVER), I was off to find breakfast.

When the power is out, and you’re trying to sustain yourself (gluten free of course) in case you need to fight off armed robbers, what is your first breakfast choice? OBVIOUSLY a delicious gf cupcake from Glutenus Minimus!

Glutenus Minimus

I was on Newbury Street in Boston yesterday with a good friend and we swung into Sweet Bakery (you HAVE to go if you haven’t yet!) and picked up some cupcakes. She got some amazing looking ones (red velvet, pink lemonade, caramel frappuccino, and some other delights that I can’t quite remember) and I got a pack of vanilla gf cupcakes.

Cupcake delight!

I love when places make sure to take us gf people into account. Who doesn’t love a cupcake?! (Speaking of cupcakes, if you want some amazing examples of cupcakes, check out my sister’s blog here for her recap of my bridal shower. The theme? Champagne and cupcakes! Win!!)

Anyway, back to the cupcake. I need to do a little more research on this place, Glutenus Minimus, but so far I give them 5 stars on their cupcakes. The frosting is to DIE for, and the cupcake tastes EXACTLY like a cupcake should! It was perfect!

So I while was writing this on Pages on my laptop and enjoying my cupcake, things start to escalate on my street. We started with one truck at 3:30 this morning:

One Lonely Truck

Then magically, 4 trucks! (you can’t see one behind the tree)

Truck Party!

The nice man named Billy told me that one of the transformers under the street blew, and that they needed to find a generator. Once they found the new generator it would only be 45 minutes until the power was back. About 90 minutes later, the power was back on. Its crazy just how disconnected I felt without it, which leads me to believe I rely way too much on the internet!

I hope everyone has a great and productive day! I’m going to spend my surprise day off cleaning, getting wedding to-do’s checked off my list, and maybe making something delicious 🙂


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