Happy National Celiac Awareness Day to all those with celiac! I hope you have a splendidly gluten free day!

Last night I was back at work. It had been a lovely 4 days off (I sometimes have a love/hate relationship with my schedule!) except that the New Yorker and I had been away all weekend and hadn’t gone grocery shopping. That meant one thing: Scavenge for food!

As I talked about here, it’s really hard to find nutritious food on a night shift. We had gone to Not Your Average Joes (more about that a little later) the night before, and so being the sweetheart that he is, The New Yorker gave me his leftovers. Then I hunted down some crackers, a banana, yogurt and cereal. Needless to say, it was less than a stellar dinner that had me heading for the Lays Potato chips at around 2 am. The even better story here is that I had been trying to make a milkshake for my Grandma, and didn’t realize that Carnation Instant Breakfast is so not gf! So I headed into work with no sleep, a boring dinner, and a super gluted stomach. Rough!

The shift wasn’t that bad, I survived and was ready to leave in the morning. Getting on the bus home there were a TON of open and empty seats! I plopped my poor tired body down in one and put my bag on the seat next to me. Not even 3 minutes later, with all the empty seats still available, a woman comes over, doesn’t say anything and just pushes my bag onto my lap and plops down next to me. Now, I love to talk to people, but after a 12 hour night shift on my floor, you don’t want to be on the same bus with me, much less right next to me!

I grumbled through the whole ride and shot grumpy texts to The New Yorker. When I got home and finished complaining about it, I hopped on the computer to check something before going to bed. That was when I saw this genius thing : PMRNMVIT!

Translation: Night (PM) Nurse (RN), MOVE IT! (MVIT)

Its so true! No matter how hard you try, people are not naturally nocturnal! Anyway, it made me laugh, and now I want a shirt that says it! 🙂

Moving back to the food part of this blog here! The New Yorker and I are getting married in a church, so we had to go to this (I don’t know what to really call it) counseling weekend. There were 60 couples there total, and it was LONG. Very informative, but VERY long.

They served pasta, bread, and caesar salad with croutons mixed in for lunch, so I had to pass on lunch. I was pretty hungry by the time we left, and we were on such a “we’re so close to being married” high that we decided to head out for dinner. I jumped on google on my iPhone (what did we do before those?!) and found Not Your Average Joe’s nearby. The New Yorker’s only experience with NYAJs was catering at work, and he just remembered that the mashed potatoes were to die for. Sign me up!

So we went in and they handed me a gluten free menu. 2 points!

Choices, choices!

The server came over and brought us bread and the cheesy, oil delight that they have you dip it in. As soon as he realized I had the gf menu, he ran off and came back with a gf roll for me, and a new plate of the cheesy delight for me to dip in. I was in shock! No one ever brings you separate dips.



Then he asked what we wanted to drink. I asked what they had that I could have, and next thing I knew the manager was at my table. He told me he couldn’t guarantee any of the drinks on the menu were safe, so he wanted to create something for me specifically that wouldn’t make me sick. The New Yorker and I were both so surprised. We’ve been introduced to every manager at all the places we go (it’s pretty standard in MA that if you have a food allergy, the manager will deliver your food) and none had ever offered that. Usually they say “have some wine”, which is fine, but sometimes you’re just in the mood for something fruity!

After a few trips to talk to the bartender, check google, and come ask me what I liked, he whipped up a frozen vodka/fresh fruit drink that was amazing!

Frozen fruit spectacular! (excuse the iPhone photos!)

We ordered dinner, and talked about the weekend. When the food came, I was so hungry that I dove into my dinner and devoured it before I remembered to take a picture! Fail! It was baked haddock with garlic mashed potatoes and summer veggies. So good!

When we finished eating the manager came over again to give us a welcome packet (since it had been our first time there) that included $5 off our next trip, and 10%, 20%, and 30% off takeout orders. Again, super surprised! When they handed me the iTouch to fill out a survey, you can bet I gave a glowing review!

So now I’m headed back to work in a few (I like to bring this full circle!) and I’m going to make the Kale salad again! No more crappy dinners!

I hope you all had a great day! Show some Gluten Free Love today!


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