So I’m a total failure today when it comes to my blogging. I had this great post all ready to go, but just wasn’t quite happy with it. I’m hoping something genius will come to me in my sleep, and I’ll be able to post it tomorrow.

I can at least tell you about my workout today. As part of working toward my goal of starting CrossFit by December 1st, The New Yorker has been going to the gym with me and has been teaching me different strength exercises to help get me ready. Today’s was the Dead Lift.

Now, I have a serious fear of the free weight section, especially when the dumbbells turn into barbels, and they are no longer pretty colors, but instead, all silver and black. Makes me nervous! Not to mention the large men working out over there!

I sucked it up today, and actually enjoyed doing the Dead Lifts. I kept trying to pretend I was one of those impressive people on the CrossFit Games that we watched a few weeks ago. Whatever works right?

Then he taught me Turkish Getups. Now, if you’ve never heard of it, or done one, PLEASE go google it ASAP! That thing was TOUGH!

To wrap up my day, I did some Yoga with my good friend Kara. Both of us have been seriously slacking with the yoga lately (me for almost 7 months now, and her a little over a year) so we went to a beginner class. It kicked my butt!

It also got me all stretched out from the gym this morning, and has me re-energized and ready for more yoga!

Kara and I also decided that we are going to start going to the group classes at the gym together. Both of us need a friend when we try something new! 🙂

So that’s all for tonight. Wish me a stroke of genius so I can get that post up tomorrow!

What helps you get motivated to workout?


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