To meal plan, or not to meal plan?

That is the question!

Yesterday I decided I was going to work on another one of my goals: Getting my life more organized.

I started out by cleaning the office. Here is the before:

It was totally overwhelmed with, well, stuff. I’m a little bit of a pack rat. The New Yorker tends to call me a hoarder, but I’ve seen that show (ok, let’s be honest, I LOVE that show) and I am FAR away from that level!

I started cleaning like a madwoman, and at the end of an hour, it looked like this:

WAYYYYY better! I even went as far as to buy some post-it notes in various sizes and colors.

I then went on to start thinking about meal planning. I’ve tried it before with little success. Using my fancy new post-it notes, and Twitter, I was able to hunt down a bunch of recipes that I thought would work for both The New Yorker and I.

Meal Ideas 1.jpg

Then I made a grocery list that supported what I was planning on making for the week.

Grocery List 1.jpg

And finally, because I’m so fancy and organized these days, I added the meal plan into my iCal, so that I would know what was for dinner, and have the link to the recipe, and the blog that I got it from!

Screen Shot 2011-10-27 at 9.30.25 PM.png

Hint (it’s the stuff in orange!)

Impressive, right?

Well, here’s the funny story (you knew there had to be something!) is that we did NOT end up having the Lemon chicken and rice tonight. I had to go home today for the funeral of a friend’s grandfather, and by the time I battled traffic and the freezing rain/questionable snow, it was already 7:30. Not to mention that I hadn’t gone grocery shopping!

Luckily The New Yorker was in the mood for pasta and meatballs, so he made that while I pulled out a box of Annie’s GF Mac and Cheese. Healthy? I think not. Delicious? Oh, I think so!

So, I’m hoping to keep on with my plan for tomorrow’s dinner. The grocery list is being sent to The New Yorker tonight, so he can pick everything up on his way home from work ( 1 car family = he has to grocery shop!) and we can have a delicious dinner, courtesy of Beth!

So tonight’s question: Have you ever tried meal planning? Why do you like/not like it?


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