Eating Clean?

Well, let’s do a quick re-cap of the last week.

I had a few failures. I was able to make it to the gym as I had planned, and made it to yoga with my friend Kara, but as soon as it came to running, I fell super short. The first day, it was raining. The second day, I was just lazy. Then I took the weekend off as planned, only to come down with a massive cold. Not just a standard cold, but a snotting, sore throat, lose your voice, sweat from a fever kind of cold. When it came to my workout goal, I just didn’t make it. Seeing that I’m still sick, I have yet to make it back to working out.

In terms of cooking, I made 2 new meals this week! The first was the soup (which I have made twice!) and I also made a delicious pot-pie (with a few modifications) from my sister’s blog.

Chicken and Veggies


It was amazing and was filled with delicious veggies, but the topping was mashed potatoes and cheese. Not exactly the most healthy or the best for you.

The New Yorker gave me a wake up call the other day without even realizing it. He said to me “there’s no way you’re going to accomplish your goals with how much cheese you eat”.

I was trying desperately to pretend that it was working out that was the issue, not what I ate. I mean, I’m gluten free, so I don’t eat cake, cookies, brownies or any of that “crap”. What I am eating is over-processed, overly fatty, not good for me in general food.

I have been following a blog called “Clean Eating Chelsey”, and was inspired by how she eats. She is gluten, corn, and lactose free and follows a Clean Eating philosophy. She rarely eats anything from a box!

With my recent revelation related to food, I had a “aha” moment. I realized that if Chelsey can eat this way with a gluten intolerance, so can I.

With that in mind, I started out this morning with a banana and some tea. It was a good, but I was definitely hungry!

Lunch was some of the chicken noodle soup I made (with the only boxed ingredients being the pasta and the chicken broth)


and I had some carrots and hummus.

A few almonds made up my snack, and then I had a huge delicious salad for dinner that had a hard boiled egg and quinoa to make it a little heartier.

I think it was a good start. I’m definitely going to have to do some more research, and makeover the pantry, which may be something to do tomorrow!

Does anyone else follow a clean eating philosophy? If so, how did you get started?


2 thoughts on “Eating Clean?

  1. Kudos to you! Don’t feel like you have to be hungry when eating “clean”! There are so many great options out there if you’re willing to learn to cook/prepare things for yourself, which by the looks of those delicious meals you are! Good luck!

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