Clean Eating, a clean start

Yesterday I decided I wanted to try Clean Eating, which I had read about originally from “Clean Eating Chelsey“. I ate a bunch of fruits and vegetables during the day, only to throw back a beer with The New Yorker over dinner.

Complete fail? No, but it helped me realize that I definitely needed to set some rules and guidelines for myself. I also needed to do more research, and re-stock the house.

Here are the guidelines I came up with to start off:

1)  no artificial sweeteners (also known as that Splenda I put in my coffee/tea every morning). I’ll be using agave  syrup or honey instead

2)Nothing with more than 3-4 ingredients if it does come in a a package

3)Attempt to eat 5-6 SMALL meals a day

4) drink at least 8, 8oz glasses of water per day

5) eat PLENTY of fruits and vegetables.

I figure this is a good place to start. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with rules right away or, knowing me, I would just pack it in right from the start.

Breakfast was tea with agave syrup and an apple.


Then I packed a bag with some food for while I was out grocery shopping and running errands.

Snack Pack

It consisted of a Luna Protein Bar (not clean, I know, but delicious!) another apple, some carrot sticks and my water bottle. From what I have read, lots of people carry all of their food around with them in  coolers during the day. Since I don’t have a cooler, I located my favorite food carrier…

Food Carrier!

Everything fit like a dream!

It all fits! (and check out my 'lovely' floor.. yuck! 1940's flashback!)

Then I hopped in my car and went to a few different grocery stores to stock up on everything I needed. I went to both Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. I also had to stop at our local Foodmaster to grab a few things for my Grandma {aka my landlord 🙂 }. By the time I got home, the apple, most of the water, and the carrots were all gone!

I immediately had some left over salad from dinner last night:


And some more of my chicken noodle soup:

still trying to kick that cold!

I had promised The New Yorker that I would make him his favorite Chicken Enchiladas today since I will be working the next two nights. Technically I make them gluten free, but for some reason I always end up sick after I eat them. I LOVE them though, so The New Yorker tries to eat them only when I’ll be working and not home to witness him consume them! (So thoughtful!)

While I was putting everything together for him, I tried a few snacks that I had picked up while shopping. I found some carrot chips:

Snack 1

and then munched on a few sunflower seeds

Snack 2

Both were really good, and I’m planning on bringing those, as well as banana chips and almonds with me to work tonight.

I LOVE to snack, so I’m hoping eating this way will be a lot easier of a transition than I had originally anticipated.

What is your favorite healthy snack?


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