New Accessories

Well, I’ve done it again. I’ve managed to hurt myself and not now how I did it.

While The New Yorker and I were on our Honeymoon about 3 weeks ago, I started feeling a weird pain in my left thumb/wrist. There was also some pain on the outside of my right wrist. It came and went, and I’m pretty used to weird pain being nothing but having slept the wrong way. I’m also used to weird injuries (ask my sister about the time I tried to fly…) so I paid attention to it, but kept on my usual activities.

It has been getting progressively worse, and the last 4 days have been pretty painful. Finally, the last straw. I was awake all night last night. I slept for about 30 minutes all night due to the aching and shooting pains in my thumb. Anytime I moved my hand I was in pain.

I called the doctor’s office yesterday morning and plead my case to the nice secretary who got me an appointment that day. I waited about 40 minutes past when I was supposed to be seen and then was seen for about 10 minutes. Being someone who works in the healthcare field, I try to be very understanding of how busy doctors are, but I also try to give my patients adequate time. Within 10 minutes I was handed a prescription and shuttled out the door to the “cast room” with promises of an appointment with a specialist.

My doctor told me flat out she wasn’t sure what was wrong with me, but wanted my thumb completely immobilized for at least a week, and that she was calling it tendonitis for the moment.

At this point, panic set in. Cast room? Immobilization? No way in hell was I going to be stuck in a cast! I like to shower daily!

I walked down to the cast room, was called in to the office, and promptly told the tech how I felt about a cast. He laughed, walked out the door, and came back with this beauty:

A little excessive in my opinion...

I asked if he had anything smaller, and he laughed at me again. Then he told me to buy long sleeved shirts. Really?! There is no way this is instilling confidence in my patients!

Long sleeves don't help..

So now I’m stuck with this gem for the next week, and I’m waiting not so patiently for my appointment with the specialist. In the meantime, I can’t drive, can’t go to the work, and am having a really hard time typing!

Have you ever had a frustrating injury that went undiagnosed?


4 thoughts on “New Accessories

  1. 😦 im sorry katy….

    in other news…. im obsessed with your shoes?! i can only see the tiny peek of them in that last picture but i like themmm.

    i hope you feel better soon!! ❤ laura

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