Rolled Oats and a Dose of Honesty

The weather is so dreary today. Its rainy, dark and pretty miserable out. I even lost my beloved Boston Skyline:

Where'd it go?

I was in the kitchen boiling water for tea and heard the weirdest noise. It sounded like something pounding on my window, and since I live on the 3rd floor I was pretty confused. Upon investigating I found this:

Can you guess what it is?

You are looking at it raining so hard that the rain was shooting out of the gutters and hitting the roof of the house next door! Crazy!

In the midst of all the rainy gross-ness I did spot this Autumn Gem:


One of the many things I LOVE about fall!

Last week Chelsey from Clean Eating Chelsey informed me that there are, in fact, gf oats! This was a huge deal for me since I REALLY miss oatmeal, and oatmeal cookies, and just oats in general. I hopped in the car the next day and visited Trader Joe’s where I found the amazing GF Rolled Oats:

Life changing!

Few things have made me as excited as the prospect of oats in my life again!

With the weather being as crappy as it is, I decided to make some tea and bake some cookies.

New tea obsession!

The Rolled Oats bag had a recipe on the back that I, amazingly, had all of the ingredients for in the house.

Its all here!

I started putting everything together, and instantly got sidetracked by peanut butter. Not only is it delicious, great on just about anything, and to die for when combined with chocolate, but it also makes some pretty neat sculptures when placed in measuring cups!

introducing my inner 4 year old 🙂

Once I got back on track I added those fantastic oats to the mix:


Some of the dough made it on to the cookie sheet, but to be honest, most of it went straight into my stomach. If I die of salmonella poisoning, you know how it happened!

mmmmm, raw eggs...

I’m an instant gratification kind of person, so the fact that this only took 7 minutes to bake was great for me!

so quick!

To be completely honest with you, I’m probably not going to have real food tonight. I will most likely be feasting on cookies and tea while curled up on my couch catching up on my Google Reader!

Speaking of honesty, I read 2 blogs today that amazed me with how open and honest they were. They both literally brought me to tears.

The first was from Krysten at Darwinian Fail. I had found her at a fitblog chat on Monday and have been catching up on her blog lately. I read her “Genetics” page and was in shock. This girl is AMAZING! Life has thrown her a total curve ball, and she decided to hit a grand slam with it.

The second was from Rebecca at Rosey Rebecca. She lost her father 2 weeks ago, and in today’s post she examined how she was feeling and dealing with the loss. I couldn’t help but cry as I read.

These 2 bloggers once again prove to me how amazing and different we bloggers are. These women didn’t feel like they needed to hide who they really were, and instead shared with others. What I’m sure was an attempt to help heal themselves has instead turned into inspiration and comfort for all those who read their blogs.

Thank you ladies, so much, for sharing. You help keep this crazy world a little more honest and grounded.

Have you read any inspirational blogs lately?


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