Feeling a little Fall

Today has been perfect so far.

After a miserable weekend at the hospital it was nice to sleep in a little, and then get up and enjoy the morning. I was in such a good mood that I didn’t even mind the men across the street with the leaf blowers cleaning up the park:

Lots of Leaves

We like to break out the shovels early in Boston...

I decided to start out the morning with some tea and the Improper Bostonian, got to keep up with whats happening!

Favorite local read

Hot tea

I broke out those amazing oats and made some oatmeal with brown sugar for breakfast.

I'm obsessed with these oats!

Now I’m attempting to convince myself to go running (that 1/2 marathon won’t train for itself!) but when you’re hanging out in these slippers, it’s a little hard to put on your running shoes!

So comfy!

See ya back here in 3 miles!


One thought on “Feeling a little Fall

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