I met a shark….

Today has been a very productive day.

I have already ordered a printer, gone running, signed up for a 5k, and taken my camera outside. Honestly, this may be the most useful I’ve been on a Monday in a LONG time!

The printer I chose was the Canon Pixma MG5220. It got great reviews for photo printing, which is a MUST for me. Also, price-wise and size-wise it was perfect for our little home office. It will be here tomorrow (Thank god for amazon prime!)

The 5K is a local run on Thanksgiving Day. I convinced The New Yorker to sign up with me, and I’m hoping that Amy will run too, since she’ll be home. It’ll be great to get out and run before stuffing myself silly, not to mention it will be the first race I’ve run since the BAA half marathon 2 years ago!

Today’s run was a 3 miler that took me over to the North End Harborwalk.


The good news? I can still bang out 3 miles. The bad news? It was NOT pretty! I did have to stop 2 times (that were unrelated to traffic lights) but since I haven’t run since way before the wedding, I’m really not upset. As The New Yorker said, “you’ve got to start somewhere”.

While out running I met a shark.

Source: google.co.uk via Linus on Pinterest


No, not that kind…

You’ve all seen them on your runs. They are those people who get to a crosswalk and keep running in place. Why do I call them sharks? If a shark stops swimming, apparently it will die. These runners seem to feel that if they stop running at the crosswalk, they too will die. They make me laugh, but maybe its a laugh of jealousy. They can keep on moving while waiting for the light to change, whereas I am standing still praying that that light never moves!

I got home and was pumped that I had managed to run the full 3 miles in under 35 minutes, including the 2 breaks! While I was walking around the park to cool down I noticed one of the trees was in full foliage swing. It looked amazing so I continued running and sprinted inside to grab my camera before the light moved even an inch more. My sprint totally paid off and I got some fantastic pictures!

Orange Bokeh


Blue Sky

So orange!

Now I’m off to find something to make for dinner. I promised The New Yorker I’d come up with something new and interesting to make.

Has anyone signed up for a Thanksgiving day race?


2 thoughts on “I met a shark….

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