The Single Most Exciting Moment of the Week

It happened this morning.

I woke up and in my usual routine, went to the kitchen and made my tea. I brought it into the office and turned on the computer. Next came the email, and there it was. The single most exciting thing to happen to me this week. Sitting right in front of me.

I was so lucky I moved my tea, otherwise I might have had to buy another computer!

I opened my usual Wednesday morning email from Lulu only to discover the following:

How amazing?!?!

If you read my sister’s blog, you would know that she is OBSESSED with her run club, and is always telling me how amazing it is.

I think I might actually ask them every single time I’m in there (which is pretty often!) when they are starting a run club, and they always tell me that the interest isn’t there. Well shoot! I’m interested!!

To their credit, they do have Run to DownDog, which is great, but I want a group of runners to meet up with on a weekly basis. I feel like there is this great running community out there, and that I am missing out on it. Hopefully this Run Club will give me the chance to meet some great new people living in the area.

The only problem is that it’s happening on Monday, and the next two Mondays I’m working night shift which starts at 7pm. I’m a little sad/frustrated that I won’t be able to go until the 3rd meet-up (if they’re still doing it.. please still be doing it!!) but I am looking forward to it big time!

Until then, I’ll be training for the ING Half with my virtual running buddy Amy, and anyone else who wants to join me!

Do you have a run club that you meet up with? Do you find it helpful? 


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