Speed Work Saturday

The last time I went to a track to do something that resembled a speed workout was…uh…um…. shoot, maybe Freshman year of high school when I mistakenly thought I was destined to be a sprinter. Since then, the only thing I’ve done in terms of a speed workout is sprinting between trees, or telephone poles, and usually the 2 closest ones I could find.

As part of my Half Marathon Training I am throwing in speed work once a week. Tonight’s workout was 4×400. I dragged The New Yorker to the track with me to time, motivate, and for a lap, pace me.

The Track

My first lap I went out at full speed. I VERY quickly learned that I am not an Olympic sprinter, and slowed down to a “running through molasses” speed before I hit 300 meters. That first lap was a decent time, and had I kept up the speed I started with, I might have had to change my racing plans!

Split 1

The next lap was a bit of a recovery for me. I was seeing stars and winded like an old lady, so I didn’t really put that much into it.

Slower... 1:58:33

For the third lap, The New Yorker decided to pace me in hopes of a 1:50 400m. We took off and at 300m I was huffing and puffing again. The New Yorker looked at me and said, “come on, you’ve got this, 100 left to go”. I picked it up a smidge and we ended with this:

1:50:01 - how perfect!

I was so impressed with him! He was a great motivator and an awesome pacer! I did feel like I was about to throw up all over the artificial turf, but with only one more 400m to go, I was determined to finish.

While we were in Hawaii on our honeymoon, The New Yorker went to a CrossFit class. He got a shirt there with the saying “All it takes, is all you’ve got”. I absolutely loved that saying, and have been repeating it to myself when a run gets tough.

Back to the track.

We had planned for me to take that last 400m in under 2:00:00. When I hit that 300m point, all I heard in my head was “All it takes is all you’ve got”. I picked up the pace and finished in 2:00:54.

Last lap!

While it wasn’t under 2:00:00, I was pumped that I didn’t hit 2:01:00.

It also established a good base so that for future speed work I know how to plan what pace I should be hitting.


I’m lucky enough to have a track nearby, and a wonderful husband who will time and pace me. I actually almost enjoyed the speed workout, and am looking forward to my next one.

Have you done any speed work recently? How do you motivate yourself on the track? 


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