Mush Free Apple Pie and a Long Run

I woke up today, looked out the window, and was super excited that it was sunny out (unlike in Utah!)

I planned to do my long run for the week today and had crossed my fingers that it wasn’t going to be raining. When I checked the weather, I was a little shocked to see this:


64 degrees?? It is almost Thanksgiving, right? I just can’t get over how warm it still is. I’m not even remotely complaining since the high for tomorrow is 46!

The New Yorker and I made breakfast before heading out to run a few errands. He made French Toast:

French Toast

and I had cinnamon apple oatmeal that I made myself!

So good!

Last night The New Yorker and I were talking about apple pie. I asked him why he didn’t like it, and he said it was too mushy, and he didn’t like pie crust. I haven’t found pie crust that I can eat that doesn’t taste like cardboard, and I have been dying for some apple pie.

I decided to take the essentials of the apple pie, and create a pie free, gluten free, mush free “pie-less apple pie”. All I did was cut up some apples, and add cinnamon and sugar and mix them up. We had a delicious dessert, and the leftovers were perfect on my oatmeal this morning!

Leftover dessert

After a great breakfast we headed off to do those errands. While we were in Target I got a phone call from work asking if I could come in tonight to help out. We have been super busy lately, and frequently have been finding ourselves short staffed. Having been in this position only 2 days ago, I decided to go in to help out. We quickly finished our errands and headed home so I could go running and then go to sleep.

We walked in the door and found the cat cuddling with her toy octopus.. how cute..


I got changed really quick and headed out on my run. The weather was amazing, and I wore my Lulu crops and a T-shirt. It was so weird to have all the leaves changing and falling, and be running in a T-shirt!

I ran a little over 4 miles, and took my usual route on the Harborwalk. I LOVE running by the New England Aquarium because 2 of the exhibits can be seen from the outside. I visited my friends the harbor seals, and then ran by a Northern Fur Seal. They all looked so happy swimming around!

Otherwise I had a pretty uneventful run. My playlist is still new and interesting, and I was able to stick to only one break other than traffic lights. Even those were a minimum today, which was awesome!

I finished my 4.1 mile run in 39:36, which I was pretty happy with.

Not bad!

I’ve been checking out some resources about long runs in an attempt to figure out what I should be aiming for. I found this article from Runners World, this article from Jeff Galloway, and this article from

I’m still trying to figure out I want my time goals to be, and am hoping that my 5K on Thursday will give me a little more of an idea of how to plan for my half marathon and long runs.

I hit the shower, and started making my dinner for work tonight. I wanted to make sure I was going to get some sleep before heading in at 11, and I figured, worst case scenario I would sleep until 9:30 or 10:00 and then bolt out the door.

My salad consisted of spinach, cherry tomatoes, red peppers, cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms, almonds, and a hard boiled egg.


I absolutely LOVE eating big salads, and this one is definitely big!

I didn’t get too much sleep which is OK, since I tend to run on coffee and adrenaline the first night I’m on. My only problem is that I had planned to run tomorrow during the day, and now I will be sleeping. Hopefully, I wake up in time to sneak it a run before work while it’s still light out!

Only 4 more days until the Thanksgiving 5k!

How do you plan your long runs? Is there a particular plan you like to follow?


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