Feeling a little funny…

Remember my new accessory?

Well, I got an upgrade.

Being a nurse in one of the best hospitals in the country (hell, the world, I’ll say it!), and having good health insurance means that I have access to some of the country/world’s best specialists. Its always an awkward/cool moment when you are standing at the nursing station, only to discover that the nice man/woman on the iPad behind you, that you have been working with for months, is THE leading (insert specialty here) in the world!

Last Friday one of the NP’s on my floor set me up with an appointment to get my thumb checked. I went this morning, and within 20 minutes had an answer (sort of), 2 cortisone shorts in my wrist, and was headed to Occupational therapy for a new splint.

The verdict? Tendonitis or early onset arthritis (I played basketball and lacrosse in high school and broke my fingers and thumbs a few times).

The treatment? 2 stabs of cortisone:

Vampire wrist bites


and 3 weeks minimum in this jazzy little number:

well at least its pink?


I’m also typing with one hand at the moment, which is WAY more difficult than I expected!

On that note, I’m going to put off my planned post about my training program until tomorrow when *hopefully* the pain from the cortisone shot calms down a little.

Sorry for the rough pictures! Have a great night!

Has anyone else had a cortisone shot? How fast did it start working for you?


5 thoughts on “Feeling a little funny…

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