A Case Of Leadfoot

I’m back!

After taking a few days off from the blog to help heal my hand and to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, as well as trekking to NY to visit The New Yorker’s family, I’m finally back and ready to blog again. It was a really nice break, but I missed all of the bloggers that I follow. Oddly enough, I look forward to catching up on their days as much as I would an old friend!

I took a TON of pictures at Thanksgiving, but I’m sending them to my sister to use in her blog, as she did all the work and I just did all the eating! I’ll let you know when the food pictures are up!

I did do something productive on Turkey day; Amy, The New Yorker, and I all ran a 5k Thanksgiving morning and had a blast!

Before running

We got to the race and went to pick up our numbers. Somehow mine had gotten misplaced and given to the wrong runner, so I re-registered on the spot, and off we went. The weather was perfect, 40-something degrees and sunny. The New Yorker took off for the front of the pack, and Amy and I hung out towards the back. Our goal was to go out, figure out what was a comfortable pace and then keep going. Neither of us has run a 5k in a while (or ever, in Amy’s case!) so we had no big time plans.

Amy and my official results (she crossed a step in front of me!)

Amy and I

And the speedy New Yorker’s results:

The New Yorker

As the New Yorker pointed out, they ordered the results by guntime, not nettime, so Amy and I should have placed higher, as our nettimes were faster than our guntimes by 87 seconds. All in all though, we weren’t in it to win it, and had a good time. We also now have a 5k to base future times off of. It also gives me a new goal… I want to cut some SERIOUS time off my mile time! 10:something is not what I’m used to seeing!

We took some sweaty pictures after the race before heading home to stuff our faces:





Before I get into my run from today, I HAVE to tell you about dinner last night! I took a page out of the book of some of my favorite bloggers (such as Julie at PBFingers, Meghann at Meals and Miles, and Chelsey at Clean Eating Chelsey) and made an open face sandwich.

My mom had made me some turkey salad and turkey soup from the leftovers on Thursday. I adore turkey salad sandwhiches and was having a sad moment (no more sandwiches…) when I realized that I had a gluten free bagel in the freezer! SCORE! I took it out, thawed it, toasted it, and then put the turkey salad on.

Turkey Salad

It looked delicious just like that, but I wasn’t about to stop there…


It was just as amazing as it looked!

My mom also left out any kind of pasta/grain in the soup (she’s always thinking of me!) so that I could add my own. I chose quinoa, since I love it so much, and added it into the soup.

Dinner perfection

The soup and sandwich were the PERFECT dinner combo, and I was completely satisfied with my creation 🙂

Now for Today’s Run:

I had plans for a 4 mile run. I plotted it out on MapMyRun.com, and headed out the door. I’m still getting used to running with the garmin on my other wrist thanks to my fav accessory of the moment. I’m also still getting used to dressing for what the weather actually is, instead of what I expect it to be based on the calendar! Today was 60 degrees and sunny. I wore lulu crops, a tank,and a long sleeve shirt. By the end of the run, I had taken off the long sleeve shirt and was sweating like a crazy woman!

My run ended up being 4.05 miles, which I ran in 41:21. While I kept up pretty much the same pace as the 5K, I felt like I was running so much slower! It was like I had leadfoot, but not the kind that gets you pulled over by a Statie on the highway!

It felt like 4 hours!

Have you ever had the experience of running the same pace twice in a row, and having one feel like a good clip, while the other feels like running through molasses? Thats what happened between the 5k and today! Its so weird!

Well there you have it! All caught up to today! I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend/Black Friday/Cyber Monday!



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