I haven’t done a Thanksgiving recap because I just assumed that Beth would do it.

Granted, I had the pictures, so she couldn’t do anything until I sent them to her, but that’s another story. While talking with Laura and Beth today, it was decided that I was going to be the one to post about our Thanksgiving.

(WARNING: THIS IS A VERY PHOTO HEAVY POST! The food looks amazing though, so enjoy!)

Thanksgiving, in my family, is more looked forward to than Christmas. Weird, but completely true. It was the most exciting moment when I realized I had successfully gotten “stuck” working Christmas again, since it meant I was free for Thanksgiving!

Since we were really little Beth, Laura, Amy and I have called ourselves “The Black Hole”. We would eat so much of the stuffing and mashed potatoes that eventually the adults gave in and made us our own bowls for our little table of 4.

These days, we still call ourselves The Black Hole, but we’ve added a few participants, and a few bottles of wine 🙂

All grown up 🙂

We always start out with the same things:

Cranberry Tea (full explanation of this amazingness can be found here)

Pumpkin Soup

Cheese and Crackers

Pumpkin Muffins

And Cranberry Bread

As I mentioned earlier, the Thanksgiving Staples include:

Stovetop Stuffing

Stovetop Stuffing

Mashed Potatoes

Broccoli Casserole (I think the rest of the world does Green Bean Casserole, but clearly, we're different!)

and Squash

As we’ve grown up, a few things have changed. Beth and Amy are vegetarian (who knew Stovetop wasn’t veg-friendly??) and I no longer can have gluten (goodbye stuffing, it’s been a lovely 23 years..)

The stuffing was not to be lost for Beth and Amy however, and there was much conversation about vegetarian stuffing. Do normal families discuss food this much on facebook??

And this is just a typical day on the facebook feed.

As the tastes changed, new foods were added in. We also added some new people to our celebration this year, which in turn, brought us new foods. The New Yorker joined us for the first year, and Beth’s J and his family were with us as well.

We had J's dad's traditional stuffing,

J's Mom's gravy

Beth's Vegetarian Stuffing

with the matching vegetarian gravy

Brussels Sprouts were also added, and surprisingly delicious!

And the ever present, and always traditional, Cranberry Sauce. We had the canned version too, I just somehow skipped the picture of it. You know what it looks like though, complete with the can lines still on the sides!

With all the food waiting on the table to be eaten, we just needed Mom to say “GO!” I caught this little gem while waiting for the feeding frenzy to begin!

Haha, Laura....

As there is every year, we had a big discussion about the appropriate placement of the food, as well as the correct ratios (mine is 90% mashed potatoes, 10% everything else I can eat) on the plate. Then the talking and laughing began. My mom even said later that the kids table (yep, we still sit at it. It just looks a little different these days!) sounded like so much fun, she wanted to pull up a chair and join us.

We took a little break and then the dessert started coming out:

Raspberry Pie

Auntie Karen's Pumpkin Roll

Pumpkin Pie

Apple Pie (which has a bit of history to go with it)

Gluten Free Cookies

and finally, for a little twist:

Birthday cake! (it was my Dad's and Beth's J's Birthdays) Didn't Amy do a lovely job writing Happy Birthday? 😉

We also always make sure to take family photos. It’s always met with a ton of grumbling, but I think (maybe?) someday we’ll appreciate them all.

Grandma, Dad, and Auntie Karen

The whole fam.. in a state of Food Coma

My lovely cousins (in their potential Christmas picture!)

and their parents

The Whole Gang

So there you have it. The official Thanksgiving Recap, 2011 edition 🙂 Hopefully I’ll see you here for another one next year!


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