Neon, Blue Lights, and Chocolate Milk

I had all of these grand plans for things I was going to do today. I had even made a to-do list. And color coded it. And it was pretty.

Then, I took a nap. And woke up 4 hours later. That, was not on my to-do list!

Now granted, I worked last night, so I’m not so surprised that I slept that long, but still, it put a slight kink in my day. Or so I thought.

I talked myself into going running before it got too dark to be safe. The New Yorker gave me a neon jacket last year for when I run in the dark, and I hadn’t used it in a long time. I put it on and attempted to get a picture that would fully express the, well, neon-ness.

Holy Neon!

I took off running and listened to another one of Jillian Michael’s Podcasts, this time about cyber bullying. It was a great, and very informative podcast.

One of the many things that I love about my runs in the North End are that they take me right past the place where The New Yorker proposed 🙂

Ever since I was really little I have loved blue Christmas lights. I think they are one of the most beautiful things. The Christopher Columbus Park in the North End gets decorated every year with blue lights, and The New Yorker took me there and proposed under the lights. It was amazing, and I will never forget it for as long as I live.

My run lasted 3 miles before getting deemed unsafe.

9:46 pace

Not a bad run considering I was dodging commuters, buses, and potholes in the dark!

When I got home I made myself my new favorite post run drink thanks to Janae at Hungry Runner Girl.


Will run for chocolate milk!

I am now obsessed with chocolate milk after my runs! I have been using almond milk instead of regular milk lately because I find it is easier on my overly sensitive stomach.

While drinking my chocolate milk and looking forward to dinner with The New Yorker at our favorite local pub (as in, all the staff knows us by name…) my phone rang. Caller ID told me it was the hospital, so I took a deep breath and answered it.

“Any chance you want overtime?”

Shoot… Turns out there was a big accident nearby and we needed more staff on ASAP. So that 4 hour nap I took today? GREAT idea!

Life always amazes me at how it works out! I’m off to shower, and then meet the husband for dinner before heading in to work. Unfortunately this means I’ll be missing ANOTHER week of fitblog chat, which I really do look forward too. Oh well, maybe next week!

I hope you all have a great night, and will someone say hi to the fitblog world for me? 🙂


What’s your favorite post run treat?


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