Christmas Fun

Dinner tonight was delicious! I made soup again. This soup had carrots, celery, onions, potatoes, gluten free pasta, and chicken. I love how veggies look all chopped up on the cutting board:



Someone else was just as excited about dinner as I was!

After dinner, The New Yorker and I decided it was time to get our decorating on! The tree went up last week, but we were a little slow getting the ornaments on it.

naked tree

I love putting up Christmas decorations. It’s like seeing old friends again.

We also put up some new ornaments this year. The New Yorker’s grandmother gave us the one on the right the Christmas after we got engaged, and a good friend of mine gave us the one on the left for a wedding present this year.

There is also some… friendly? competition on our tree…

Go Boston!

The Celtics, Red Sox, and Patriots also make an appearance!

I also love putting out the Nativity Scene that my mom got me when I was younger. Beth has one as well.

Last but not least comes our favorite game. The New Yorker gets the Santa, I get the Snowman, and we see which one stays up longer. Last one sticking wins!

Go Frosty!

Do you have any fun traditions that you look forward to each holiday season?


3 thoughts on “Christmas Fun

  1. Nothing beats a bowl of homemade soup on a cold winter day! Yum.

    Your tree is gorgeous! I love the Boston-New York ornament rivalry. 🙂

    My family has many holiday traditions, but one of my favorites is baking cookies and making Swedish heart ornaments and baskets to hang on the tree or fill with candies and/or cookies.

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