Saturday Workday

Most of the time, my job is great, and I love it. Days like today, however, when it’s 40 degrees outside, The New Yorker is sleeping in, and there’s not even a dog out in the park across the street yet, make me a grumpy gal. Who wants to wake up and walk to work – for a 12 hour shift – on a SATURDAY??

Not me.

But, I have to go, and I keep reminding myself that  after today I work 2 more days, and then I am off for 6 days. Really, I have a weird schedule. 🙂

So, to make myself feel better, and to give you something pretty to look at, I’ll leave you with this sunset from the other night. I looked out the window and just couldn’t NOT take a picture – it looked like the sky was on fire!

Have an awesome Saturday everyone!

Lenny Zakim Sunset


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