Did you wear your sunglasses today?

The last 120 hours of my life have been filled with 92 hours at the hospital. The other hours have been spent sleeping, which is why there has been no update here in a few days.

Major life updates:

-I’m stuck in the splint for another 3 weeks 😦
-I’ve missed blogging – like the deserts miss the rain (if you break into song, please know I’m joining you.. all together now: And I miss yoooooouuuuuuuuu, like the deserts miss the rain…) but really. I’ve been so lost without this blog, and all the blogs I follow. I feel like I know you all so well, and that I’m missing out on a good friend’s life.

Thats about it actually. Cool.

On another note, last week I tweeted that I’m a super creeper:


Let’s be honest. We all do it. I’ve even heard tales of people introducing themselves to a blogger at a race or even on a plane!

Well, if you are a Boston Blogger, and saw a crazy girl in a blindingly bright vest run by, that was me.
I went to Old Navy yesterday with a good friend, and we got a total steal on fleece vests. I HAD to scoop up this one to run in, since I’m always complaining that I need bright clothes to run in.

Whoa, bright!

I was very sternly told that under NO circumstance was I to wear this to work. I might cause a seizure.

I did get a few stares while I was running today, but I smiled and waved, and hoped that I gave someone a good story to tell later (“So I was out walking to Starbucks, when all the sudden this girl in a blinding vest flies past me..”).

Details of the run:

My body was CRAVING this run. It’s been over a week since I’ve been able to run because of work. I took off for a 4 mile run, and ended it about 4.5 miles later.

Not bad for a week+ off!

I listened to another podcast from Jillian Michaels while I was running, this time about organic foods and why you should make the switch. Let me tell you, after listening to all the facts and doing a little research, The New Yorker and I will be making the switch! The stuff that is added to livestock (I eat meat, but you vegetarians and vegans might be onto something!) is disgusting! I’m grossed out even just thinking about it! Blech. Moving on.

My last big thought for the night is that I miss singing. Big time. I was SUCH a chorus geek in high school, singing in general choir, chamber choir (our school’s “elite” choir), acapella, and even making districts my senior year. Now, there is no record deal coming my way anytime soon, but if anyone knows of an adult acapella group looking for an alto, send me their way!!

What is something you did in high school or college that you wish you still did?

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2 thoughts on “Did you wear your sunglasses today?

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