I did it to myself this time. I went out with friends last night for dinner and ate food that was not conducive to running the next morning. Nachos with way too much cheese? check! Burrito? check! A few too many glasses of wine? check!

I paid for it big time today.

I went out for a quick 5k, a speed workout if you will. About half a mile in, I thought I was dying. My stomach was a complete disaster! I made it 2 miles because my ego couldn’t take logging 0.5 miles on Daily Mile, and then I walked home. Yup. I said it. I.walked.home.


But the good news is I learned from this. I REALLY need to be careful because my stomach isn’t like other people’s stomachs. I’ve spent today drinking water and tea and eating fruits and veggies to try to re-charge my poor system.

I’m going to be dabbling with going dairy free as well as gluten free for the next couple of weeks. While removing gluten has helped me immensely, I’ve been noticing that dairy is not really agreeing with me either. I’m just so sick of all the stomach pain that I will do ANYTHING to not have to go through it.

What do you do to reset your system when you’ve eaten something you wouldn’t typically eat?


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