A Christmas Trip and catchup!

I have a tendency to disappear from the world of blogs and twitter sometimes. Not that there is anything wrong with blogs, I love them just as much as the next person (sometimes, I’m positive I love them more than I should!) I just need a little break every once in a while. But as of right now, I’m back!

I made sure to keep myself wildly entertained while I was away. The New Yorker and I headed to NYC to visit his family and to check out the sights. We’ve been doing this the weekend before Christmas for the last 5 years, and I am not one to break tradition!

We always visit the same places:
We started out at Bryant Park and checked out the sights from there –

Loved that this tree was decked out in blue lights!

The New Yorker and I love this building. The top changes color!

The Chrysler Building

Then we moved on to Rockefeller Center to see everything there.


New Yorkers sure are picky! I thought the tree was gorgeous, they all said it was kind of stumpy!

One of the decorations in the plaza

One of the angels in the plaza

Of course The New Yorker had to drool over the Lego Store windows….

Lego Atlas!

This sign was made out of lego men!

Then we walked over towards Radio City Music Hall

I remember there being toy soldiers on the roof that laid down flat and then stood up. We didn’t see them this year, but all that means is that they could have been lying down when we were there!

Across the street there are some water fountains that get decorated – just a little – for the holidays:

Toy trains don't float!

My favorite shot of the trip!

Next we walked by the biggest Christmas lights I’ve ever seen!

Finally we ended up in Times Square. I got a shot of the 2011 ball

Goodbye 2011!

It was a great trip, and we had a ton of fun as always!

In other news, the competition is over! It was my snowman for the win!


It was a tough loss for The New Yorker   🙂

The New Yorker and I are having Christmas today because I’m working at the hospital for Christmas this year, so he will be going to visit his family and spend the holiday with them.

I’m awful at waiting for Christmas. I mean, really, really bad at it. So bad in fact, that I got The New Yorker to let me open a present last night! We picked one each to give to each other, and off we went. Mine was a water bottle from Lulu that had me written all over it!


Really, really, really true!!

How perfect?? Does he know me or what?!

I have to get a bunch of stuff done for “Christmas” tonight, but I’ll be back later to do a running update!

What are some fun traditions that you look forward to every holiday season? 


2 thoughts on “A Christmas Trip and catchup!

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