12 Is The Magic Number

Yesterday I embarked on a journey with Amy. We did our 12 mile training run for the ING Miami Half Marathon that we are running in a few weeks (*Note to self* GET PLANE TICKETS ASAP!). We were both pretty nervous at the beginning – worst case scenario we’d make it out 6 miles from home, die, and have to crawl home, or worse, call The New Yorker to come rescue us.

We left with a decent plan. We did a 12 mile loop that started and finished at the house so we wouldn’t have to travel after we were done running. The entire run kept us only steps from a place to pee (utilized once, since I had 2 cups of coffee prior to the run – bad plan) and was fairly flat to mimic the course in Miami

I brought my fuel belt filled half and half with water and gatorade, which, while heavy (and now I have bruises on my hips from it..weird) was a godsend around mile 9.

Looks silly, works great!

Mile 1-4: Neither one of us was really feeling it. We got through all of the major conversation points we wanted to hit before we got to mile 2 and realized that this could potentially be a LONG run. Not that we ever stopped chatting, just that conversation turned from important things to complaints about knees, snotty noses, cold ears, and so on. Mile 4 stopped us at Starbucks for a quick pee break, and we were back on our way.

Mile 5-6: Painful. We weren’t quite at the halfway mark yet, but we were beyond our turnaround point. Our route was shaped like a balloon. We started and finished on the string of the balloon and ran around the balloon itself.


Miles 7-10.9: We were much happier. We were beyond the halfway point and both of us hit cruise control. The Charles is where I did most of my training for the Boston Marathon and I always get into a groove when I hit certain stretches of the river. Amy also said “I’m on autopilot” which I took as a good thing! Mile 8 had us stopping to stretch (our legs were screaming) for a minute and then we were back on our way. We had a magical high 5 at mile 10.1 – Amy’s furthest run ever! As soon as my Garmin signaled mile 11 though, all happiness was GONE.

Mile 11-12.04: It NEVER ENDED! I must have looked at my watch, oh, 12938472102938472934565849 times! I knew if I stopped moving I would never start again, so we had to alter the route a smidge to make sure we didn’t have to turn or stop for a car. When we finally finished I called The New Yorker and made sure our chocolate milk would be waiting for us on the table when we made it up the stairs (my kitchen is on the 3rd floor. Fail!).

Final stats:

12 miles done

We spent most of the run around a 10:30, but the last 2 miles killed us both and we finished with an 11:00/mile average. There may or may not have been some “sprinting” (or what we could manage at that point) at the end to bring us to 10:59, but we never quite made it. Eh, next time.

There was some time spent on my floor stretching, and some time spent with our legs up against the wall. Phoebe couldn’t really figure it out.


After we were both showered and stretched out we got to the important part of the day: eating!

We attacked some salsa and guac like it was our job. Then we broke out our box from Boston Organics and tried to figure out what to do with a turnip. One phone call to my mom and we were busy peeling that bad boy and tossing it in with a bunch of other veggies to try and hide the taste. Also in the mix? Carrots, celery, onion, mushrooms, garlic, a parsnip, and rosemary.

Amy decided raw parsnip looked enticing. She gave it a shot and changed her mind pretty quickly.


Finally we finished off the night with the peanut butter cookies I had made previously. They are super easy and delicious, not to mention the perfect way to cap off a long run!

Overall it was a good run. My left knee and right foot are pretty sore today, but I’m planning on taking it super easy, icing and taking some Aleve. Muscle wise I feel great, which was pretty exciting. I think the foot and knee hurt because it’s time for some new sneaks! I’m getting up there in miles on the ones I have. Hopefully Friday I can get out and get to the store.

How many miles do you do in a pair of running shoes before getting new ones?


9 thoughts on “12 Is The Magic Number

  1. I would say you should have made a turnip gratin, but that involves a rather unconscionable amount of cheese. the new layout looks wonderful 🙂

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