Puppy news!

Let me just jump right into the post I teased you all with yesterday.

Background: For as long as I can remember I have begged for a dog. In my parents defense, Beth and I had one when we were little. His name was Morgan, and he was insane. He used to chew through doors (yep, seriously. 5 that I can remember) to get to my mom (he had a *little* bit of separation anxiety). I remember one fateful day when my mom, Beth and I came home from wherever, and there was a hole in the door that they had just put up the day before, and I remember my Mom calling my Dad crying in frustration. So you can’t really blame them for not wanting another dog. We always had cats (sometimes upwards of 5 at a time!) and the usual kid pets, hamsters, gerbils, and guinea pigs so we were never at a loss for animal companionship. But there is just something about having a dog…

Fast forward a few years to college.

I lived in Boston (shocking. I’ve never really left the place!) and all of the apartments I lived in allowed cats, not dogs. I love cats and missed having some small furry animal around, so Middler year (Go Huskies! 5 year co-op program and Middler year? Yeah NU!) I adopted Phoebe. My grumpy, bratty, soft, little pain in the butt (hence her nickname: PB) that I can’t imagine life without. She’s my shadow and my day sleep buddy. Not to mention she’s my secretary! 🙂

Working hard!

Beth and I are such crazy cat ladies, but cats are great pets and we love ours to death!

Normal convo, right? wronggggg… 🙂

Back to the dog-

In all truth, when the New Yorker and I were talking about maybe getting married one day, I flat out said to him “it’s me and a dog, or nothing”. Now, he never had a “real” pet growing up (a 20 year old iridescent shark named “Sharky” just doesn’t count in my book) so he was more than a little hesitant to let me have a dog.

Something about my winning personality – or just him wanting me to stop begging EVERY.SINGLE.DAY – made him change his mind and we finally decided that I could have my puppy after the wedding.

Ok, here we are today. We’ve been working with a Boxer breeder (I’ll address breeder vs. adopting from a shelter later, but let’s just say that it has been a long and constant disagreement between The New Yorker and I, and I had to give in somewhere in order to get my puppy – I support animal adoption!!) with the hopes of having our puppy in the spring.

I woke up yesterday from my day sleep to an email from the breeder saying that the dog who was being bred that we had a hold on our puppy from hurt her leg and that they did not want to breed her and cause more problems. (I need to insert here that this woman is amazing, and very knowledgeable. She really is such a responsible breeder – DO YOUR HOMEWORK if you are going with a breeder so you do not end up with a puppy mill!!!)

I cried. I called the New Yorker at work, and was completely heartbroken. I had been waiting for this little bundle for so long, and now it was going to be even longer.

While I sniffled and felt bad for myself, the New Yorker read the rest of the e-mail. “Hey Kate? I’m pretty sure this says that we can have pick of the females from the other litter which is due in March”



Apparently there is a second dog that they were breeding and she will be having puppies in March. Everyone who has put a hold has asked for a male, so we are a go for a spring puppy! Best news? She is due March 21st and my birthday is March 20! I’m hoping she is born on my birthday – how perfect would that be?

Mom is a 49 lb sealed brindle


and Dad is a 75 lb sealed brindle as well.

From Codman Hill Boxers

I’m hoping for a small-ish (50-55lbs) girl who will LOVE running with me 🙂

So there you have it. My puppy novel. I cannot wait for my little bundle of fur – only 4 months to go! Then you will all have to endure about 65 billion pictures of her. Hopefully you don’t mind pictures of adorable puppies! 🙂


What is your favorite pet and why?


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