The Green Box

It arrives at my house on Friday afternoon. The nice man drops it inside my door, waves at my Grandma, and off he goes with the old empty one. Its beautiful, and delicious!

Special Delivery!

I love it, the New Yorker loves likes it, and Phoebe thinks it smells funny.

Action Shot, sorry! This girl is on the move at all times!

So what is in this green box you ask?

All Organic, All amazing!

Vegetables and fruit. All organic, all delicious, and most important, all different. The beauty of my Boston Organics delivery is that I don’t get to pick what I get. I am forced to use vegetables that I never would have used before, and am finding that I like them quite a bit, and the New Yorker likes to juggle them!

I get to decide if there are certain foods I don’t want. Boston Organics calls this the “no list”. It’s great if you have too many onions this week, or lettuce coming out your ears. It’s also great if artichokes make you want to, well, choke someone!

I can change my delivery schedule up until noon the day before my next delivery. This oddly, is genius! We had originally scheduled ourselves to get a delivery every other week. By the end of the first week however, we had used all of the veggies and were low on fruit. We decided to get another delivery this week and had no trouble getting it right on time!

I know that everything I’m getting is really organic. What I get in the grocery stores doesn’t really look like what I get in the box. Everything in the stores still looks perfectly round with no bug bites, and is normally shaped and shiny. The carrots I got this week do NOT look like the carrots I got in the grocery store last week.

I don't think you'll find this in Stop and Shop!

I don’t get to pick what I get. This can become a problem if I want something specific for lunch. There aren’t always mushrooms or cherry tomatoes or the right ingredients for my meal plan. This means that I still have to supplement what we get with other veggies that I need for the week. The good thing about this, though, is that I know what I’m getting in my next box a week before I get it. That leaves me plenty of time to plan and shop for what I need.

That’s about it for cons at the moment! I’ll keep you updated if I come up with anything else!


This weekend we had a birthday party for my grandmother who turned 87! We had a lunch at my aunt and uncle’s house. They had a gorgeous red velvet cake and a bunch of super cute cupcakes to celebrate with!

Birthday Girl!

The New Yorker enjoyed the mini “hostess” looking cupcakes which ended up being Boston Cream cupcakes. Everyone said they were amazing, and it gave me the idea to get some gluten free cupcakes for dessert for a dinner we are going to on Saturday with some friends. I can’t wait!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. If you are in the northeast, stay warm!!


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