Dinner and Breakfast with a side of Paleo

Last night The New Yorker (or Chris. I could just use his name..) found a recipe he wanted to try for dinner. It looked basic enough, and yet still different, so we gave it a shot. It was called “Gingery Broccoli Beef”, and came from a newsletter Chris gets from his CrossFit  gym that has a full weekly Paleo menu. The website is called Paleo Plan and is a great reference if you are interested in learning more about Paleo.

**Time out here for quick Paleo explanation**

CrossFit has what it calls the “Nutrition Prescription”. The basics are as follows:
-Protein should be 30% of your calories and be lean and varied.
-Carbs should be about 40% of your calories, and be low glycemic.
-Fat should be 30% of your calories and be monounsaturated.

The CrossFit website plainly states that the easiest style of eating to accomplish this is the Paleo Diet*, which is based on a more “Caveman” style of eating.
*Diet being way of eating or lifestyle, not a quick fix to make you drop water weight super fast*

The basics of eating Paleo-style are as follows:

If you google “Paleo Diet” a wealth of information comes up at you. Since I am not a registered dietician or nutritionist, I will leave you to your own research from here on out, but the basics are pretty simple!

Paleo makes sense for me since I can’t have dairy or processed carbs to begin with. The New Yorker, on the other hand, REALLY likes his pasta nights.. Oh, Italians… 🙂 We are dabbling in Paleo, and for now are just using the recipes he gets to help us try new foods out.

**Time in, and back to dinner last night**

Since I don’t really enjoy beef, we substituted chicken that I had gotten at Whole Foods on sale.

The New Yorker did all the chopping (carrots, broccoli, chicken, garlic, and onion)while I mixed the spices (ginger, flaxseed meal, red and black pepper, lemon juice, and chicken broth).

He moves at the speed of lightning!

We cooked the chicken first with the garlic and coconut oil. We had never used coconut oil before, but I’m hooked!

It made the kitchen smell heavenly, and gave the chicken the nicest hint of coconut flavoring.

Flaxseed Meal was another new thing. I didn’t really notice a taste from it, but the bag says it does a ton of great things for you, so bring it on!

We both realized that we needed a “filler food” so The New Yorker quickly whipped up some rice for us.

Then we added the chicken and veggies, and voila! Dinner for 2!

The New Yorker loved it. I thought it was too spicy (read: I drank about 3 gallons of water, was sweating profusely, and had a runny nose). The basic flavors were great, but I think I would have to 1/2 all of the spices to be able to eat it again!

Now, on to breakfast this morning. I had the breakfast of champions – or at least those who aren’t picky about certain foods going together (ahem:chris:ahem).

Layer 1

Layer 2

and the main course (which was NOT on top of the fruits, but rather, in a separate bowl. Thanks Kara!!)

It was delicious! I can’t remember the last time I had a kiwi, but it was totally worth the wait. I have a few from my Green Box of Gloriousness and am psyched to get to eat them all!

I’m back at work tonight, so I have to go catch some zzzz’s and then get up to go running. I hope you are all having an awesome day!

What kind of “diet” do you follow, if one at all?


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