Tortugas and few updates

I’m having one of those “mornings” where everything is good. I’m just sitting here happy as a clam, and right now not too much is going to bring me down.

I made myself a cup of coffee when I woke up and got caught in a million memories for our honeymoon (I really need to do a post on that ASAP! It’s only been 3 months..)

The Tortugas

The entire time we were in Hawaii, I looked for a souvenir to bring back. The New Yorker found a shirt he loved right away, but it took me until the second to last day to find what I wanted.

Out of all the things we saw in Hawaii, my favorite was the turtles. We went snorkeling a few times and surfing once, and each time we were in the presence of these amazing creatures. They were so big, yet so graceful in the water, and I just loved them. Once place in particular that we went to snorkel was actually a turtle sanctuary and huge coral reef. The turtles there were known by name to the volunteers, and one turtle in particular was great at putting on a show. His name was Rocky.

Rocky would come up on to the beach everyday at the same time, to roughly the same place, and take a nap. It’s illegal to get within 15 feet of a turtle, but I was able to get super close because he napped next to a stone wall I was allowed to sit on.

Chris and I had such a great time in Hawaii, and my coffee mug always brings me back to the amazing views, the gorgeous sunsets, the turtles, and our first trip together as a married couple. It was the trip of a lifetime 🙂


Now, back here in Boston I have a few updates.

Update #1- Abs! I’ve been keeping up with the program, thanks to the motivation I got from some great readers! The only day I missed with the video was Monday, when I chose to go to the gym with The New Yorker (GASP! I haven’t been to the gym since before the wedding!) and did a full abs workout there, complete with planks, medicine balls, and a lot of pain. It’s been great though – I can actually feel how my core works when I run, which isn’t something I can say I’ve ever felt before! Thanks so much for the motivation!

Update #2- Good Neighbor Hummus isn’t a good neighbor to me! I swung by Whole Foods yesterday to pick up some hummus before hitting work for the night. I love to graze all night on healthy foods to keep me awake. About 3 bites in I started feeling all the signs that made me know I should stop eating, but it was so delicious. I ignored it, and paid for it big time with a stomach that looked about 6 months pregnant! All the other nurses thought I was kidding until I took off my sweatshirt, and my generally giant scrub top was all puffed out at my belly. I checked the website, and it said the kind I ate was gluten free, but I will be sure to stay away from it next time, and stick to the hummus I’ve eaten before with no problems. Cross Contamination maybe?? That being said, no running for me today 😦

Update #3- Speaking of running, I have 9 days until I leave for Miami!! Any of you Floridians have some helpful advice for a Boston girl trapped in the dead of winter on what to pack?? I’m so excited to go run with Amy, and can’t wait to go to Florida for the first time in my life!

I think that’s all for today. I hope everyone is having an awesome Wednesday!

What is something that you have gotten on a trip that makes you smile when you see it?

What do you make sure you pack for a destination race?


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