The Countdown Continues, + Someone Else Calls Them “Sharks”!!

3 days left! 🙂 (Pinterest is not working for some reason, so I’m just gonna tell you the number!)

I’m stealing The New Yorker’s Ipad so I can blog throughout the whole trip (Amy you have to hold me to this one!!). Ryan Hall is running the full marathon, so I’m wicked excited and hoping that I manage to get to see him at the race expo. I’m also looking forward to the Big Red Run Container by Lululemon that Beth told me about. It’s looking like a great weekend!

Amy and I got our shirts for the race today – let’s just say there is no way we’ll be missed while running! Go Canes! (and Huskies! sorry pal, had to throw that in there!)

In other news, I went for a 6 mile run yesterday. Between the amazing weather (50 degrees, what??) getting a wave and a”hi” from another runner, and having a fun new podcast from Jillian Michael’s, it was a stellar run.

To find the podcasts from Jillian Michaels, you can click here

Remember my post about meeting a shark? Well, apparently Mark Remy agrees with me! Check out his article on Rules To Run By here, from Runners World.

Finally, I’m officially a Healthy Living Blogger 🙂 (See my badge on the right? Yup! That makes it official!)

Ok, off to make dinner, and hang out with the New Yorker 🙂 I hope everyone has an awesome night!

Do you wave,smile, or say hi to other runners you see while out?


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