All my bags are packed..

After a breakfast of scrambled eggs and some fruit I got to work.

It took a while but I managed to get all my “stuff” together and ready for the weekend. I ended up finding everything in stages, and then making about 5 lists to make sure I had everything I needed.

Have Garmin, will travel

I packed:
-Appropriate clothing for Saturday, and race clothes and post race clothes for Sunday.
-Garmin and charger
-iPad and photo adaptor
-iphone and charger
-Race bib pick up form
-boarding pass for flight
-Camera and battery charger
-Toothbrush and other small toiletries
-“just the basics” for makeup (for Saturday and dinner)
-Race sunglasses, as well as my regular glasses

All of this had to fit in my “personal item” bag, since I refused to pay $35 for a carry on! With a little help from Kara, I was able to get it all in there with room to spare:

I’ll be wearing my running shoes, yoga pants, a sweatshirt, and a long sleeve shirt, so I won’t have to pack those. Also, I’m staying with Amy, so I can borrow a lot of her stuff (read: toothpaste!)

I’m definitely starting to get my usual pre-flight jitters. I’m REALLY bad at flying, and normally The New Yorker sits next to me while I sit white knuckled until the meds kick in. Since I also refused to pay $20 to pick my seat, I’m randomly assigned a seat, and hoping that a nice person will let my aunt sit next to me in case I have a full blown panic attack. Or I could double up on the meds and get carted on and off the plane… hmmmmm.

Either way, wish me luck. Or more to the point, wish my aunt luck!


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