And We’re Down to…


Days left to go!

**Confession Time**

The countdown has been wrong this whole time. I thought the half was on Saturday the 28th. Apparently is on Sunday the 29th. This could make for an interesting adventure, seeing as how I’m flying out of Miami on Sunday night. Holy stiff quads, here I come!

Today equals day one of “Hurry Up and Hydrate!”. According to Amy, it’s going to be 93% humidity down there for race day! My Lulu water bottle is all filled and ready to be consumed x2398472984732 today. Are you ready kidneys?? annndddd go!

I’m off to go make breakfast. Prepare yourself for a few posts as I have some serious jitters about this weekend (and I need to catch up on a few things that have happened!)

Have a great day!


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