Welcome to Miami!

After a SUPER bumpy takeoff that had me actually shaking in my seat (which doesn’t take much. I’m a really bad flier!!!), we landed safely in Miami around 9:30 last night. We also managed to take a side detour through downtown Miami which was really pretty! We finally met up with Amy around 11:30 or so and then I headed in with her to drop off my stuff while my Aunt and her friend went to check into their hotel. A little while later we met up with them at Titanic, a fun little micro brewery right around the corner from Amy’s place.  We stayed there for while (ok, until last call… I’m not running until tomorrow) and then Amy and I headed back to her apartment and my aunt and Sara went back to their hotel.

I woke up this morning to sun in my face around 9am, so I actually got some great sleep! Even better than my sleep were the palm trees that are right outside Amy’s window! It reminded me of Hawaii, so I took a couple (crappy) pictures (stuck with the small camera for the weekend…darnnnnn) and gave the New Yorker a call to see how he was.

We’re headed out for breakfast now, and until I can figure out how to upload pictures to WordPress from the iPad, this will have to stay (sadly) picture-less. No worries, Ill keep taking them anyway!

Ill be back after the expo!!


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