Party in the city where the heat is on!

What an AMAZING weekend!! A HUGE thank you to Amy for hosting and hanging out with her cuzzz ūüôā

Let’s see, where did I leave off? Ah yes, heading to the expo. Again, I apologize for the pictures… My little camera, not so great!

We went over to meet my Aunt and her friend Sara for breakfast. There were some gorgeous flowers along the way that I had to take a picture of.

After breakfast we drove to South Beach for the expo. We went by palm trees, vultures, cruise ships, and huge houses on private islands. I couldn’t get over the sizes of the houses!!

I've never seen one before!

They are so big!

When we got to South Beach, we parked the car and headed out in search of the expo. There was a slight detour (we thought that following the couple in the running gear, including tags still attached to a visor, was a good idea. It wasn’t) we finally found where we wanted to be!

There were some runner cut-outs lining the way that Amy and I stopped to take pictures with.

We headed over to pick up our numbers which was a really smooth process. We were directed to another table to get our shirts and bags. That also went really smoothly, which was really nice. The whole process of picking up numbers and shirts took less than 5 minutes!

We hit the booths, and we were both really impressed and overwhelmed with how many booths there were! We attempted to get through them all, but ended up only going around the perimeter for the most part. We both got a pair of Zensah compression sleeves for a great deal, and I also picked up an SPI Belt (which was so unbelievably useful during the race!) at a great price!

We found the Lululemon booth:

We also chatted with the people at the transportation information booth. My aunt had offered to drive us to the start line, but after talking with them, we decided it would be much easier for her if we just took the metro.

We found a fun station that had a finish line set up and took a fun picture:

According to my aunt’s friend, these water pouches were what was being handed out on the race course the next day.

They weren’t very easy to use, and Sara saw someone explode one all over himself at the expo! Amy was also pretty upset (and rightfully so!) about the amount of plastic that would be tossed on the roads.

Finally, on the way out we took another picture with the runner cut-out and our numbers

At that point we were all starving! We walked back through the Lincoln Road Mall, and after a few false starts, and some WAY overly pushy hosts, we found a place that had great gnocchi for Amy, and quinoa¬†spaghetti¬†for me! I can’t even explain how excited I was to be able to eat “pasta” before the race!

We got back to Amy’s around 8 and started to prep for the next morning.

We set our alarms for 3:45, since we wanted to leave for the metro at 4:30. We set up all of our clothes, showered, and hit the hay by 9pm.

As I was drifting off, all I could think of was “in just a few hours, Amy and I will be in our corral, waiting to run!”

To be continued…..


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