Change is good.

Lately I’ve been feeling like my blog is more of a cluttered mess, rather than the fun, organized, informational – and mostly personal – place I’ve been striving towards.


Kara was over last night for dinner, and she and I had a long talk about the blog. It was great because I was able to spit out what I wanted from my little corner of the internet, and then we were able to put it into a much more organized format.

I left my kitchen table feeling much better. I left ready to create a place that is informative, that helps people, but most of all, is a release for me. The blog was started originally as a place where I could talk about my newfound gluten allergy, but it has become so much more to me.

The blogging world has showed me so much already. I have learned about race training, nutrition, cooking, organics, and most importantly, that putting myself out there has great rewards. I’ve “met” amazing people, people who I never would have spoken to in my life- and they have changed me in such great ways.

The blog will be undergoing its own changes in the next week or so. I’m not leaving, I’m changing. Change is good, and I feel that taking the blog in a slightly different, slightly more organized direction will allow me to make this space what I want it to be.

Organization has never really been my strong suit. Ask anyone who knows me, and you’ll hear about how I can never find ANYTHING. How my friends all tell me to show up a half hour before I’m supposed to be there, since I’ll be lucky to make it 30 minutes late – usually closer to 45 minutes – how everything gets done at the last minute, and my house is usually a mess.

What you’ll also hear though, is how I throw myself into projects. How the things I love get attended to with a passion that boarders on obsession.

I’ve decided to place my focus more on the things that interest me, but could also benefit others.

I will still go on my random rants, and I will still take millions of pictures, and I will still use parenthesis like it’s my job.

But I will also feel better about this little place. I will feel better that I am learning, and that I am sharing what I learn with all of you.

This weekend will be a time of preparation for me. Starting Monday, you will be coming back to a blog that will *hopefully* be fresh, organized, exciting, and informative. Please stay tuned, and feel free to let me know what you think of the re-direction.


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