The Kitch Sitch

**This is part of my new blog direction. I will be writing about all things food related on Wednesdays. Enjoy!**

I should have added to my Little bit of Random yesterday that I am 99% of the time a complete disaster in the kitchen.

Take today for example.

All I wanted was to heat up leftover dinner from last night. The New Yorker and I had made chicken sausage with potatoes and green beans. It was a delicious meal, and we were both excited that he found the “good meat” section in our local grocery store. By “good meat” I mean the free range, grass fed, no hormones, no antibiotics meat. Thank god. Whole Foods is nice and all, but not exactly the easiest place to get to!

Anyway, back to today.

So I went into the kitchen and took out the leftovers, tossed them in the microwave, turned on the coffee pot for another cup of coffee, and headed back into the office to make sure the cat wasn’t destroying my project. (Which of course she was. Typical.)

A few minutes later I realized I hadn’t heard the microwave beep, so I went to investigate. When I walked in the kitchen, I noticed that all of the electronics on the far side of the wall were blank. The coffee pot was off, the microwave was off, the radio was off. Weird.

Did I mention that the coffee pot was dripping like crazy? I had to throw a bowl under it to keep the coffee from going everywhere!

Creative, right?

I ducked down and checked out the power switch under the counter (that The New Yorker so cleverly hid) and saw that it wasn’t lit up. Shoot. I did it again.

Imagine it with the lights out!

Our house is super old. I mean, really really old. Built in 1848 – ish old. No-updated-electricity-since-it-was-originally-installed old. Same-plumbing-since-indoor-plumbing-first-happened old.

What’s so special about how old the house is? Well, it means the house needs to be treated nicely. No running multiple electronics at once. DEFINITELY no microwave running at the same time as anything else. Hairdryer? That goes by itself too.

Back to the story… (I sidetrack a lot.. must work on that. maybe.)

Well, when something blows up in the kitchen – or anywhere else in the house for that matter – I call The New Yorker. Or text as the case may be.

Me: I think I exploded the power strip in the kitchen.
Him: Why do you think that?
Me: I had the coffee pot and the microwave going and now nothing on the strip is working, but everything else is.
Him: Flip the switch on the power strip
Me: I did that..
Him: Well if neither position on the switch works, then yea, you blew it up
Me: Shit.
Him: Go down the basement and check the circuit breaker. We’re the one on the right

So off I went to the creepy basement. Down 4 flights of stairs.

But damn it if he wasn’t right! I had blown the circuit – AGAIN. At least it wasn’t really exploded this time. I’ve done that before too.. a few times..

Back up the 4 flights of stairs (and after a quick chat with Grandma – can’t interrupt her Soap Opera time!!) and I tossed my food in the microwave.

It was just as delicious as last night! We used organic sweet potatoes and regular potatoes from our Green Box, and The New Yorker picked up some organic green beans from the store. Add a few spices, some grape seed oil, sauté in the pan, and Ta-Da! Amazing dinner in under 30 minutes.

Lesson learned? Prepare yourselves for some great stories coming up in this section! It’s a rare day when I don’t screw up something in the kitchen, but I have fun doing it!


What is the biggest “oops!” you’ve ever had in the kitchen? (Mine would be the time I literally blew up my mom’s oven trying to bake her a birthday cake. She didn’t get a birthday cake, but she did get a new oven!)


One thought on “The Kitch Sitch

  1. I have been looking for a good chicken sausage, what kind did you get?

    And I may have added water to a pot of boiling oil once thinking it would cool it down, which apparently causes a grease fire, then I tried to move the pot to the sink thinking that would contain and put out the fire (rather than covering it, which is how your supposed to put out a grease fire) and ended up getting hot oil all over the kitchen…which I then spent the next 4 hour cleaning.

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