Fit Friday And A Special Request

This has been a great week! Here’s the recap in case you missed something:
Beautiful Mondays had an amazing Guest Post from one of my favorite people
– Tuesday showed you something a little crafty that I did
– Wednesday was all about a great dinner
– Thursday gave you a glimpse into my home decorating

So here we are on Friday. This has been the first week in a long time where I have been able to post every day. It’s been really nice, and I’ve totally enjoyed it! I think I’ll be keeping up the current format and series. I hope you all are liking it as well!

So moving on to the last new series: Fit Friday

This one is another brain child of the Lovely Miss Kara, who pointed out that Fridays should be about fitness to help motivate you to keep up your fitness throughout the weekend. She’s such a smart cookie! 🙂

Back at the beginning of February, I made a list of goals to help keep me fit in Feb. I would give myself a solid score of 50%. I did get 3 new recipes that The New Yorker and I LOVE, and I registered for a 5K. On the other hand, 100 miles of running ended up with 3, and Meatless Mondays morphed into “oh shoot, it’s Lent and I’m not allowed to eat meat on Fridays”.

My biggest accomplishment, hands down though, was starting CrossFit. I have to say, I’m already addicted, and am dreading next week when I can’t make my favorite class (stupid work…)!

Source: via Cameron on Pinterest


The CrossFit gym where The New Yorker goes has a great way of introducing new clients to CrossFit. There are a lot of techniques that you need to know in order to keep you safe (and not looking like an idiot) in the classes. They start with a free intro class where they go over the basics:
Different equipment in the gym
Squat series
Push ups
sit ups
Pull Ups
and so on.

Then she put me through a workout. The workout was the Baseline workout for CrossFit:

500m row
40 squats
30 sit ups
20 push ups
10 pullups

Source: via G. on Pinterest


The intro class lasted about 45 minutes, and I left completely unable to walk down the stairs! My trainer was awesome, and I had signed up for 2 “onboarding” classes before I walked out the door. The Onboarding classes were even more technique focused than the intro class, and I learned a ton. We went over a lot of the modifications that I would need until I was stronger, like using a band to help me with my pullups.

Then I bought a 10 class pack.

With the class pack came the CrossFit log book for the gym. It has an AMAZING amount of information about Paleo, the  bench mark workouts, technique, and more.

The best thing in the book, hands down, is the measurement pages. I immediately had The New Yorker help me with all of my measurements, and I can’t wait until next month when I get to check and see my progress!

So back to the classes:

Last Saturday I did the Bootcamp class. My trainer from the onboarding classes was teaching it, so I felt more comfortable knowing that she knew my limitations. The workout for class was

3 Rounds for Time-cutoff is 40min:

50 Kb Swings 24/16 (scale down as appropriate)
45 Single Jump Ropes (scale up for double unders)
40 Lawnmowers 35#/20# (scale down as appropriate and split between both arms)
35 Ab Mat Situps
30 Walking Lunges
250 M Row
25 Burpees
20 Box Jumps 24 inch/20inch
15 Push Press 85#/65#
10 Lemon Squeezers
5 Dead Hang Pullups

Can you say HOLY HELL?? I got through 2 rounds + and was pretty pumped. I didn’t wimp out, and did every.single.rep. It was such a great feeling.

(Sorry, this is staring to get wordy.. I’ll hurry it up!)

After my class, The New Yorker was doing the CrossFit Open at the gym. The Open is like the Olympic Trials. There is a set  of workouts that anyone can do every week, as long as they are judged by an eligible judge. The people who do the best at round 1 of the open, move on to regionals, and so on, until they have the competitors for the CrossFit Games.

The New Yorker’s Open workout on Saturday was 7 minutes of Burpees.  If you’ve ever done burpees, you’re cringing right now. I can see you! If not, here’s the basic idea:

Source: via Emily on Pinterest


The New Yorker did amazing, and got 95 burpees in 7 minutes!! He’s headed back tomorrow for workout #2, I’ll keep you posted on how he does!

And FINALLY, my first Beginner CrossFit class was Monday. I was terrified! The Bootcamp had been more cardio focused, where this class was way more weight focused. We did 2 seperate workouts.

15 Min AMRAP
2 Muscle Ups
10 Handstand Pushups
10 KB Swings

Then WOD #2
22-20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4 Rep Rounds of
Ab Mat Situps
Sumo Dead Lift High Pulls

We modified workout 1 a LOT. Muscle Ups are this absurd thing where you go from hanging on a set of rings, to a pushup-like position on them, to pushing your whole body to an upright position. It’s super hard to explain, so here’s a picture to help you out a bit:


Our modifications were 1: working on the dip movement on the rings and then 2: dead hang pull ups.
Then for the Handstand push ups, the mods were handstands against a wall for 10 seconds, followed by 10 pushups off of a bench.

It was an insanely hard workout for me, but again, I did everything and was really excited when I didn’t totally suck at it!

Now, I’m hooked and headed back for another BootCamp class tomorrow. I just looked up the workout:


Each exercise is 30 seconds on/15 seconds rest (off)
5 Rounds at each station and then move to the next station
1. Mountain climbers
2. KB Sumo Deadlift High pulls
3. Burpees
4. Split squats (right leg)
5. Gymnastics Push ups
6. Sit Stands
7. Triple Extension Jumps
8. Split squats (left leg)
9. Ab Mat Situps
10. 1-arm snatch left arm
11. 1 arm snatch right arm

Here is my new motivator – and this workout is helping me become more useful in general 😉

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest


I hope you all have a great weekend, and a HUGE shout-out to Krysten from Darwinian Fail, who is  running a Half Marathon this weekend, and then turning right around and going in for major surgery on Monday. Please keep her in your thoughts this weekend, this girl is phenomenal!


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