About Me

My name is Kate and I am a 26 year old ICU nurse living a life full of crazy schedule changes! My day/night rotating schedule makes having a “normal” life nearly impossible! Sometimes I’m working while you’re asleep, sometimes I’m sleeping while you’re at work. Sometimes I’m working while you’re out on a Saturday night, and sometimes you’ll find me out enjoying a lovely Tuesday afternoon! The main challenge associated with my work schedule is that its VERY difficult to have a regular fitness schedule.

I have been running off and on since high school. My older sister is completely to blame for my love of running! She started running when I was in the 5th grade, and of course I wanted to be just like her. Since then I have run multiple 5ks, 10ks, 3 half marathons and a full marathon.




Why am I pasta free? because a good friend of mine got diagnosed with Celiac Disease (something I had never heard of) and while she was telling me about her disease I realized I had a lot of the same problems she did. I had been wondering what was wrong with my stomach for a while, and had resigned myself to the fact that I had IBS. Low and behold, once I removed all of the gluten from my diet I was not only stomach problem free, but I was also migraine free! It was completely life changing, and I thank her almost every time I see her (which is a lot!).

Now I’m learning how to be gluten free in a very “glutened” world! As a runner, one of the most important things is the carb loading (or Pasta Party) the night before a race. With the constant help of The New Yorker, I’m finding different ways to cook and eat to get the nutrition that I need in order to train properly while enjoying what I’m eating!


5 thoughts on “About Me

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  3. Hi! I’m also a Gluten Free runner – my son was diagnosed with Celiac last summer and when I took it out of my diet in support of him, I realized I probably am – at the very least – sensitive to it, if not Celiac myself. It is great reading about what others are doing to work around the carb loading issue! Great blog!!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my blog! It’s great to hear that there are other GF runners out there – sometimes I feel like we are a rare breed!

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