Picture This

There’s this wall in my house that has been dying for some decoration since we moved in almost 2 years ago.

 I’ve been toying with different ideas for what to decorate it with. At different times I’ve wanted to frame maps, paint a mural of a tree, decorate it with those metal flowers that Crate and Barrel has, put up framed wedding pictures, you name it, I’ve wanted it on that wall.

I’ve also been needing to learn photoshop. I bought Photoshop Elements 10 a few months ago when I found out that Picknik was closing (HUGE fail on their part!). With both of these things needing to be taken care of, I sat down and spent the whole day working.

I had bought a copy of “Adobe Photoshop Elements For Photographers” last week, and when I opened it at home, I was totally overwhelmed! There is SO much to learn, and so many amazing tools. I figured I would teach myself what I needed to know by tackling a project and learning the tricks as they came up.

While scouring the web for ideas, I saw a simple ampersand. That was my focal point, and the rest took off from there. In Elements I picked a background and a font and got to work.

Then I decided I wanted the letters of our first names, C and K. I picked a font, spruced it up with some of the (MANY) tools in Elements, added fun backgrounds and printed it out.

Next, I found some quotes that I loved. One I just printed as is, the other, I moved into Elements, removed the background, and kept the text.

While I was working, I heard a funny sound. When I went to investigate what it was, I found this:

She snores louder than The New Yorker!

I decided that she had to make the wall, so I printed this one out too.

Then, I started assembling. I put everything into frames, and started arranging them on the floor. Per usual, my “assistant” was present to “help”.

Don’t worry, that paper stayed exactly where she wanted it.

Once I had everything in the right place, it looked like this

Then I not so patiently waited for The New Yorker to come home to help me put it up on the wall.

I’m not so great at the whole measuring thing, so I figured it was safer to let him help me.

Slowly, but surely, the pictures made their way onto the wall.

We kept measuring a putting until they were all up. We were both really happy with how it looked all put together

It really makes a huge difference in the hallway, and people who come over to visit like to look at the pictures.

We’ve already decided that when the puppy gets here, we’ll take down the “love” quote on the bottom right and replace it with a picture of the puppy. I can’t wait!


Whats your favorite way to display your photos?


Cork Board Makeover

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been a bit lazy. In blog terms that is.

Casa Sans Pasta has been getting a bit of a DIY makeover these past few days. Nothing too fancy, but just small touches that I needed to make it feel like more of a home, and less like a shell of a house. We’ve been living here for almost 2 years, and it’s been the ultimate DIY makeover since the word go. Luckily, the New Yorker is really handy, and I like to pretend I’m super crafty 😉 We also make a pretty good team, and have some great friends and family who’ve helped us out big time.

So what have I been up to? Decorating, decorating, decorating!

We have a wall that will get it’s own post later:

But in the meantime, I want to show you a cork board that I brought back to life. I have had this particular cork board since I was about 4. I remember it hanging, always over my desk, in all 3 of my childhood bedrooms, and too many dorm rooms/apartments to count while in college. Now that I live with the New Yorker, it’s been sitting in a room with no real purpose. I just couldn’t bring myself to throw it away.

I decided to update its look and put it back in its rightful place of honor over my desk in my (soon to be workable) craft room.

I painted it white to start with.

Then I decided I wanted it to have a chevron pattern, so I hunted down the painter’s tape and started measuring and taping.

I used my Ex-acto knife to cut the extra tape and create a sharp point.

I finished taping the whole board

Then I painted the stripes grey

Once I had filled in all of the stripes, I let it dry and peeled off the painters tape.

Once I was sure it was all dry I broke out the painters tape again, and taped off the border.

And then painted that black

Once I have a picture of it up on the wall in the craft room, I’ll post it. Right now it’s just leaning against the wall, sad cork board.

So there you have it, project 1 of many I’ve been working on around the house. I can’t wait to share the rest with you!

What is a quick DIY project you have done recently?