Welcome Back!

After almost 14 months of a hiatus from blogging, I am back! So much has changed in my life in the last year, and to be quite honest I have sincerely missed the health and fitness community here in the blogosphere!

Up until about January, I hadn’t really been doing much in terms of running or exercising at all. Thank god for my cousin, who talked me into running the Run To Remember Half Marathon here in Boston on May 26th. Training had been a little lax on my part until April 15, 2013, which I consider one of, if not the, worst day of my life so far. I will save the full tale for another post later because of my intense emotions about that day. There is no way that a person, with as much love for the Boston Marathon as I have, couldn’t have been changed on that day. Two days after the Marathon I ran 10 miles after minimal training. It was that day, on that run, that I remembered WHY I love to run so much. Running has helped me heal many emotional wounds from that day and the turmoil that ensued in the city of Boston in the following days. The running community itself has helped me heal in ways that it will never know.

May 26th has come and gone, and my cousin and I successfully completed the 13.1 mile Run to Remember.


The Run to Remember was an amazing event that allowed runners to come together in the city of Boston for the first time since the Boston Marathon to honor those who had been injured, or had lost their lives in the attacks. The Run to Remember has always been an event to honor fallen police officers, but this year with the loss of Officer Sean Collier, it had an extra special meaning behind it. A full recap of this race will be coming soon as well.

Since then I have signed up of the California International Marathon on December 8, 2013 in Sacramento, CA.

Why run a marathon in California when I live in Boston?

Because I’m moving.

3000 miles away from the place I have always called my home.

driving map

The New Yorker’s company is closing it’s offices here in MA and is relocating to LA county. Talk about a change! No more shoveling snow for this lifelong New Englander! We are super excited about the move, and can’t wait to start our cross country adventure – which it’s bound to be with an 18 month old boxer puppy and a crotchety 12 year old cat in a Jeep!

I’m really excited to be back to my blog. It has always been such a nice little place for me and I’m ready to start adding to it more.

Thanks for stopping by to check it out, and hopefully I’ll be “seeing” a lot more of everyone!


Back Where I Belong

It has been WAY to long since I ran a race.

When I was in high school, my sister talked me into trying Cross Country. That first year was interesting. I hated running, and I wasn’t very good at it, so I was always one of the last to finish at both practice and in meets. On the other hand, I LOVED being part of the team. I had great friends who helped teach me to have fun while running (mud runs anyone??) and I was hooked.

Invitational meet

The second year I was a little better, and had even more fun. My senior year, shockingly, I was voted captain of the team. I still wasn’t the best, but I had learned to love running and had put a lot of effort and training in over the summer. We all had a blast that year!

Senior Year

Last home meet of the year

(The Fab Four was only 3 letters long, hence why I’m the exclamation point.. oh high school…)

Then came college. No more organized cross country team, just me, running and hoping I could hold on and keep it fun.

Middler year (I went to a 5 year school, 3rd year is called middler year.. weird.) I lost a good friend to Cystic Fibrosis, and I was on a mission. Running helped me deal with the loss. I managed to get myself a spot on the MGH Cystic Fibrosis team for the Boston Marathon. All of the sudden, running wasn’t just for fun anymore, I had a purpose. I had to run to raise funds to help other people who had CF and their families. I put everything I had into training and fundraising. On the day of the Marathon I had my friend’s name written on my knuckles so that when I got tired and wanted to give up, I could just glance down and see his name. Knowing how hard he struggled everyday just to breathe was all the inspiration I needed.


There are no words to explain the feeling when you take that turn from Hereford Street onto Boylston Street. You can see the finish line (and your Aunt and cousins if you’re lucky like me!), the crowds are screaming like you are in first place, and you know what you’ve accomplished. I crossed the finish line, and burst into tears. Not only had I just finished the Boston Marathon, but I had done it in memory of my friend.

Since then, I’ve been sidelined by injuries, a busy schedule and a lack of interest. I think Boston was such a high, and I’ve been searching for a race that would get me as excited to run as I was for Boston.

Well, I’ve found that race!

My cousin Amy is a senior at UMiami, and has convinced me that a little trip to visit her this January would be a good idea. We will be running the ING Miami Half Marathon on January 29th. Leave Boston in January and go see Amy and visit Miami? You bet I will!!


I’m now in search of the perfect training plan, and a printer.


Yep, a printer. I’ve been obsessed with how organized and pretty this training plan from MegaNerdRuns is!

Now all I have to do is find the perfect training plan to make pretty like that.

I’m finally back where I belong. Out running and having fun again 🙂

Does anyone have a great 1/2 training plan that they loved?